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Jane designs her jewelery herself and spends a lot of time designing each piece of jewelery as well as selecting the right precious stones and pearls in the right colours, shapes and not least the best quality.  

Each piece of jewelery is unique as it is made from natural materials, where pearls and precious stones vary in shape and colour. Each season Jane designs a new collection, where the current fashion colors of the season will be represented in the jewellery . However, there will always be classic models that return year after year .  

Jane has a strong passion for Italy and travels to Italy several times a year with her husband and selects the Italian bags and cashmere products that are sold on the webshop. In addition to shopping, the trips are used to take pictures of the Italian products in the surroundings in which the products are designed and manufactured, as we would like to convey the story of the delicious handmade Italian products that are sold .  

We focus on creating and selling beautiful products for the conscious woman who appreciates design , quality and having a product that completes your look and that lasts for years .  

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