Precious stones may become dull with prolonged use. Gold-plated gold jewelery wears out with a lot of use and the coating can wear off. In order to increase the durability of your jewellery, we recommend that you do not wear the jewellery: during cleaning, washing dishes, bathing, sports, gardening and when sleeping. Furthermore, avoid your jewelery coming into contact with creams, soap, chemicals, hairspray, perfume and the like, as these wear down the coating.

The jewelery will naturally oxidize and may turn dark when in contact with air and moisture. We recommend that the jewelery is stored in a tight box or jewelery bag, e.g. the box or jewelry bag that comes with the jewelry, or tightly closed plastic bags in a dry place when not in use.
For best durability of the elasticity in the elastic on your bracelet or ring, the bracelet/ring must be "rolled" on so that the elastic expands as little as possible. The durability of a piece of jewelery also depends on the individual person's PH value, and it is therefore very individual how a piece of jewelery lasts and ages.

You can clean your gold-plated jewellery, or your 9K gold jewelery with an ultrasonic cleaner, which can be bought from DKK 350 at dealers of these.

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