9K Solid Gold Jewelry:

Our collection of 9K gold jewelery is feminine, classic and elegant, crafted in solid 9K gold. The jewelery is designed by Jane in a timeless design that never goes out of fashion and made in Italy. In our view, a gold piece of jewelery is a more environmentally friendly choice, as it preserves the coating and can thus be used for a longer period of time. The jewelery is elegant to use alone or in combination with other bracelets from our other collections.

Recycled 18K sterling silver jewellery:

We only use recycled gold and silver.

The jewelery is designed by Jane and is produced in the East from surplus gold and silver from previous productions, exhibition models and surplus gold and silver from the produced jewellery, etc.

Why choose sustainable gold-plated jewellery? Unfortunately, the precious metals industry is responsible for a greater environmental impact than any other industry. Mining affects the environment. Chemicals are often used in the mines and the chemicals pollute nature and harm wildlife. When gold is extracted, large quantities of water are also used.

When you buy a gold-plated piece of jewelery from us, you can, when you find that your piece of jewelery has served its useful life - e.g. by the gold coating wearing off - send your jewelery back to us. We send your jewelery back to the manufacturer, where the jewelery is remelted and will form part of a new jewelery design. You get a 20% discount on a new piece of sustainable jewelery from our webshop.


We want your sustainable gold-plated jewelery to last as long as possible. Your gold-plated jewelery is coated with 1 micron gold coating, which is a strong coating as opposed to "flash" coatings that many gold-plated silver jewelery is coated with today. Therefore, you can expect the coating to last longer. Read more under "jewellery care" about how to ensure that your jewelery lasts as long as possible.

Precious stone and freshwater pearl jewellery:

PerleMust jewelery is made from many different precious stones and freshwater pearls.

In addition to the beautiful stones, freshwater pearls are used in various sizes and shapes, such as the beautiful obsolete baroque pearls, rice pearls etc. Each bracelet is unique as no 2 gemstones and pearls are the same in color and shape.

Bracelet ends are easy to use as they are made of elastic and chain with extension. They can be styled with most clothes. They will undoubtedly become part of your daily outfit!

ALL our jewelery is feminine and elegant, some with a touch of bohemian look, others more timeless and classic. Bracelet ends can be advantageously mixed and matched with other bracelets from the collection.

All Perlemust jewelery is handmade and designed by Jane.

Jewelery care:

Gemstones may become dull with prolonged use. Gold-plated jewelery wears over time and the coating can wear off. To increase the durability of your jewellery, we recommend that you do not wear the jewelery during cleaning, washing dishes, bathing, sports, gardening and when sleeping. Furthermore, avoid your jewelery coming into contact with creams, soap, chemicals, hairspray, perfume and the like, as these wear down the coating.

The jewelery will naturally oxidize and may darken in contact with air and moisture. We recommend that, as far as possible, the jewelery is stored in the supplied box or jewelery bag or tightly closed plastic bags in a dry place when not in use.
For the best durability of the elasticity in the elastic on your bracelet, the bracelet must be "rolled" on so that the elastic expands as little as possible.

The durability of a piece of jewelery also depends on the individual person's PH value and it is therefore very individual how a piece of jewelery lasts and ages.

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