“Volverup” Volver= return (in Spanish), Up=upcycling.

Hand-stitched Italian leather bags

Description of your bag:

Our Italian bags are produced at Bologna in the Emilia-Romagna region and are of the brands "AU 79" and "Bayside84" and Rehard.

The bags are hand-sewn and 100 percent Italian produced.

AU79 comes from the name Alchimia = the chemical gold, 79 = from the atomic number 79, which is the only metal that is unchanging over time.

AU79 aims to transform each bag into "a long-lasting accessory" that, due to both the good materials and the timeless design, has a long life. The bags are made from naturally tanned leather, where most of the processes are handmade with a great knowledge of how the leather is tanned to achieve the unique "vintage" look.

The concept is a "slow fashion" style, and a "slow speed" fashion, where the style is timeless and harmonious in a timeless design.

Care is taken with the details in the AU79 bags, which are feminine and combine the elegant look with the pragmatic, so that women can feel comfortable and identify themselves with the bags.

AU79 is a family-owned business.

Bayside84 specializes in producing "vintage" leather bags. Each bag has undergone a special wash and is made of naturally tanned leather, so each bag is one-of-a-kind. The bag has a lived-in appearance, and will transform over time through use, so that the best appearance of the bag will gradually emerge.

Bayside bags have a raw design with a touch of femininity. The bags are timeless and can be used season after season. The bags are characterized by the delicious, strong leather they are made of.

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