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Sustainable Italian Cashmere and Merino wool.

Description of your Cashmere product:

Our delicious Italian Cashmere and Merino wool products are made in Italy in the Tuscany province.

The entire manufacturing process takes place in respect of the environment with a sustainable mindset.

Emphasis is placed on producing products in a high and luxurious quality with respect for the environment.

The suppliers of the wool from the Mongolian highlands have been chosen on the basis that they produce wool of a high quality, and that they follow a production cycle that is itself sustainable and environmentally friendly. There are tests for, and there are strict rules regarding the length and quality of the fibers of the wool.

The actual production of the Cashmere and Merino wool products is located in Tuscany, Liguria, Piedmont, Puglia and Umbria.

The manufacturer of the cashmere products only manufactures products to order. In this way, an overproduction that we so often see in the fashion industry today is avoided.

Cashmere wool - also called cashmere wool is wool from the Tibetan mountain goat "Capra hircus langier".

The Kashmir goat and its fibers take their name from the Kashmir region between India and Pakistan west of the Himalayas.

In the harsh climate of the Mongolian mountains, the cashmere goat lives. Here the temperature fluctuates from minus 50 degrees in winter to plus 38-40 degrees in summer.

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The quality of the wool is very dependent on this harsh and cold climate, as the wool can only develop straw long enough to spin under these extreme climate conditions. Cashmere is known for its temperature regulating properties and it simply provides the protection necessary for the goat to survive on the high Mongolian plateaus where it is winter 7 months a year.

Merino wool - Merino wool comes from the merino breed of sheep. The wool is considered to be some of the finest and softest wool. Its advantages include its strong fibers and high breathability. Merino wool is stronger than cashmere, which is why the two types of wool are mixed in several of the products.

Treatment of your Cashmere/Merino wool product - The area you choose to store your cashmere product must be clean, free from moisture and not exposed to sunlight or other heat sources ; cupboard shelves and drawers create perfect storage areas

Fold, not hang - Hanging your cashmere garments causes them to stretch out and sag, especially in the shoulder area. Instead, carefully fold them and place them in your storage area.

Long-term storage - During the spring and summer, it is a good idea to put your cashmere in long-term storage. Clean your clothes and place them in breathable ziplock plastic bags with a few cedar balls to keep them fresh. Then place them in the selected storage area. Remember that temperature changes over time can cause condensation, so we recommend that you do not store your clothes in their plastic storage bags for more than three months.

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