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Is a Danish jewelery company which is family owned. PerleMust's mission is to design jewelery "Must Perler" for the discerning, conscious woman who appreciates aesthetics, quality and recycling/reusability. Jane is the driving force and the designer. Jane finds inspiration for her designs on the family's travels around the world, playing with colors and nature.

We have always emphasized creating jewelery from good, high-quality materials. It has long been a wish to be able to create and produce recycled jewellery. In 2022, we finally found a business partner in the East who can help make that dream come true. We launched our 1st small collection of recycled jewelery in autumn 2022. After visiting our partner in the East at the beginning of 2023, we are now working hard to ensure that all our jewelery is produced with recycled 18K gold-plated sterling silver.

Sustainability is important to us. We strive to be as sustainable as possible and to use only high-quality materials. We believe that a piece of jewelery should be long-lasting and not a "buy and throw away" item.

How do we practice it?
Recycled gold and silver:
We only use recycled 18K gold-plated sterling silver in all our jewellery.

The sterling silver is coated with 1-2 18K micron gold plating. A micron is the designation for how thick a gold coating the sterling silver is coated with. The higher the micron, the thicker the coating and the longer the durability of the piece. Many pieces of jewelery today are coated with a "flash" coating, which is 0.25 micron.

Stones and pearls:
The precious stones and freshwater pearls we use are carefully selected in relation to using only stones and pearls of high quality. The quality of these is found in many grades and prices.

Return your jewelry:
You can return your jewelery when you think it has "served its time", and get 20% on your next recycled jewellery. Your "end-of-life" piece of jewelry will be remelted and included in the production of a new piece of jewelry.

We only use jewelry boxes, bags and shipping boxes that are produced in Denmark from materials that are either FSC certified or have the ECO label. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council® and is an international non-profit labeling scheme for wood and paper. The ECO label means that it is made from raw materials that are FSC®-certified, Fairtrade®-labelled, organic or recycled.

Contact Perlemust

Jane Livoni

Hobrovej 39, 9000 Aalborg

Email: info@perlemust.dk
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